What is lifestyle financial planning? How do you value your time and what you currently do with the money you have? What are your aspirations your dreams, and how do you reach your objectives faster? Read more
Why do you want to invest? What’s driving you to entrust your money to somebody else to manage? Are you already invested and making money? Read more
Ensuring you have enough income to have the choice to work or not is a priority for expats not receiving pension contributions on local contracts. Often other schemes are not sufficient and therefore you must create a suitable vehicle that you can continue to pay into, even if you return home. Read more
Creating a financially secure and comfortable future for ourselves and our families is desired by us all. You have worked hard to make your business successful and you want to ensure you are able to enjoy the rewards for years to come. The question is how do you make this happen? Read more

Are you concerned about your UK pension? Or do you want advice you have taken offshore double checked? If you are worried that your scheme maybe underfunded or want more clarity and flexibility you need to take action and decide whether or not to transfer your pension. Read more
Life insurance is a must for everyone who have dependants. In the Middle East premiums are more expensive than you may find in Europe so you must shop around. The first step is to find the correct insurance.
Read more
Writing a will is the cornerstone of financial planning. If you hold assets in the UAE you should have a will here.
Planning to pass on your wealth to the next generation is a milestone event in an individuals life. Protect your wealth and your beneficiaries. Read more
If you are domiciled in the UK your worldwide estate may pay up to 40% tax on your death. By making a start now you can plan to reduce this liability and give your beneficiaries more. Read more

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