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May 2018 – Cosmopolitan Magazine

Relationships & Money

  • A relationship, whether it be a new flame born on tinder or a twenty year marriage has the potential for conflict if we make poor decisions with money. This can lead either party to sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, depression, and eventually break-up, divorce and sometimes much worse.

    So how then do we avoid it? Since the beginning, couples have worked together to become successful, each person playing a specific role in order to facilitate a thriving family unit. Allocating resources successfully whether it be money, materials, water or food is vital for the survival of the family. Those who can’t do this effectively risk been deleted from the gene pool!

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17th May 2017 – Discover Middle East Magazine

Money Basics Part 3

  • Organising your finances is arguably more important here in the Middle East than back in Europe. High rental prices, high school fees and for some multiple household employees, means we need to pay attention to our costs in order to fulfil our financial objectives made before we chose to leave our home country.

    If you are able to manage your money wisely your time here will be well spent. If you are reading this thinking you want to be more more organised, then here are three basic financial areas you should look at to get you started.

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18th January 2017 – EDGAR Magazine Interview

2017 A revolutionary year

  • It’s been fifty years since the death of Che Guevara, the face of revolution. It’s been one hundred years since the socialist revolution in Russia and it’s been 500 years since Martin Luther published his 95 Theses, which led to the Protestant reformation. Wherever you look this year, it will not be hard to find parallels of upheaval from the past, and feel the rebellious mood in the air.

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16th November 2016 – TIMEOUT Magazine Interview

Trumps America

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  • “On Wednesday November 9, 2016,
    the world was taken by surprise. A world-famous businessman and reality TV star, with no political
    credentials behind him, was officially voted in to become President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Despite his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton reportedly smashing it in the popularity polls, one by one the states turned red and the Republicans took control. Protests broke out across America, the Canadian immigration website actually crashed from over-use and the dollar immediately plummeted. It was like Brexit all over again. Then everyone went home. The dollar got stronger. And it started to sink in. The 45th President of the United States will actually be Donald Trump..”

    Trump's America
6th November 2016 – Discover Middle East magazine article

Money Basics

  • dme_61

  • “Most of us have come to Dubai to get a step up on the wealth ladder, and make a better life for ourselves when we return home. After all the money you earn here is tax free! The question is how do you save it!?

    Saving is a discipline, a discipline you need here more than anywhere else. Dubai is a fantastic place where you can live very well, but you will always be a visitor. That is important. There is no scheme or rules for an expat to become a national, which means you are responsible for your financial future.”

    Money Basics - German
22nd September 2016 – Edgar magazine article

Is it time to leave the GCC?

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  • If expats were boxers we’d be world champions. We take on anything and anyone.

    A breed of pioneers, among the most intelligent, wise beyond years and perhaps most importantly, rich with cultural experiences and stories.

    If this is you, tune your brain in for a moment and take stock…

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2nd August 2016 – Edgar magazine article

The GCC companies you should invest in

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  • The GCC market is unique for many reasons and it’s volatility can bring you great returns or hurt you fast. Therefore it’s wise to stick to reasonably well-known names with good stories and good outlooks.

    With two of the Emirates biggest banks merging – National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank…

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4th July 2016 – TIMEOUT Magazine Interview


What Brexit means for you – Cash,Travel, Jobs and More

  • Timeout
  • But what does all this mean for UK expats abroad, and everyone else? To help shed some light on the implications for residents of the UAE, we spoke to UAE-based financial advisors Keren Bobker ( and Jason Cook (, and the London Business School’s ( Lucrezia Reichlin and Andrew Scott, professors of economics, and Michael Jacobides, associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship.

    In brief, what are the top five things that people in the UAE could stand to gain from the fallout of the referendum?

    Timeout Brexit Article
29th June 2016 – Catch my words for popular mens magazine EDGAR

Brits abroad – managing your money post-Brexit

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    Dare I say it; UK politics has never been so intriguing! Whatever your view on Brexit, democracy is doing what is says on the tin.

    If you’re one of the roughly four million Brits living abroad, and one of the 120,000 living in the UAE, you’re probably now asking yourself: what does all this mean for me and my finances? After all your home currency, sterling, has declined 11 per cent from the 1.50 level it was at before the referendum result was known…..

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