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“Financial experts should take uncertainty out of your life”.

– Jason Cook MCSI

Jason Cook, Chartered MCSI, Financial Expert

Jason Cook, Chartered MCSI is a chartered financial adviser. He has written for Cosmopolitan, EDGAR magazine, Timeout, Discover Middle East and more where he writes articles exploring the impact money has on our lives. He has also featured in a popular Brexit interview with Timeout magazine along side professors from the London Business school to discuss how the world will fair post B-Day.

Jason’s career began in the UK where he would advise MP’s and business leaders with Lloyds Banking Group. Jason moved to Dubai with Lloyds to strengthen their private banking team covering the GCC. Advising a large number of successful GCC nationals Jason soon became a leading advisor in the UAE and now works as Regional Director for a US Hedge Fund based in the UAE.

Jason has been in the Middle East for over 8 years and decided to create Smart Advice to address the challenges that everyone faces regardless of their net worth. In addition to giving free guidance to individuals Jason helps small businesses find investors and provides guidance to those wishing to protect their businesses for future generations.

“I will be able to show you how to achieve your life goals by taking financial uncertainty out of your life so that you can enjoy everything else ahead.” – Jason Cook, Chartered MCSI

What he does:

Regional Director for a US Hedge Fund based in UAE.

Treasurer and Trustee of a registered UK charity, Race Against Blood Cancer

Chartered Member of the Chartered Securities Institute, CISI

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Smart Ethics:


The client advisor relationship revolves around a mutual respect that defines our success. In my 12 years professional experience I have never met a client that doesn’t value the respect of their adviser. It’s a quality all clients expect and one which must be delivered. I will respect your time, your situation and dreams.

Excellence & Stewardship

A famous football coach once said ”if you aim for perfection you will achieve excellence” The future is unwritten and financial markets are hard to predict. My experience however will lend a hand to steer you in the right direction.


To give advice in the UK you must pass ethics and integrity examinations both personally and financially in order to practice. Having trained with top UK banks for 7 years in the City of London you can be assured that you are dealing with a complete professional.


Good customer service is giving you a good first impression of Smart Advice, with a friendly greeting and helpful attitude, as well as a lasting good impression. Determining your needs and solving problems quickly will lead to your satisfaction and a lasting trusted relationship.