Top Tips for a successfull 2018


My job is to get your attention, so read on because I am going to save you a lot of heartache and worry and I’m going to get to the point fast, and list my top tips for saving money! Have a successful year!

Be smart with your money in the GCC and you can really get ahead of your peers back home, that is, if you don’t fall into the many traps expats find themselves. So here are my top tips for staying ahead of the curve!

Negotiate your employment contract. Your new employer will expect you to come back on their offer, in fact, it is respected and shows tenacity. The rule of thumb is you can only do this once though, any more and you look greedy!

Rent a place similar to what you could afford back home. Although tempting to get that villa with a pool you will regret it if you are stretching your budget. Things change in a moment in Dubai.

Get familiar with the RERA rental index. Don’t get bullied into paying more rent by your landlord and always check the contract to see if they have sneaked a NON-RENEWABLE clause into an addendum, which you can tell them to take out.

Quality second-hand vehicles are the way to go. Buy only from dealerships, there are just too many scams for newbies to fall victim too.

Avoid the temptation of a huge loan from a bank, especially if you’re thinking of using it as a deposit to buy a house.

Make brunches a reward not a habit

Use Netflix and other streaming services to reduce your entertainment bills.

A Deliveroo and Starbucks lifestyle is great for increasing your waistline but not your bank balance. Shop twice weekly to keep your goods fresh and reduce the amount of food you are throwing away. Local shops like the co-operative are far cheaper for fresh fruit and vegetables!

Use classifieds sites to buy and sell unwanted items. You can save a fortune!

Use the Dubai government gateway app to manage your bills in a timely fashion.

Don’t let all your money bags pile up in your current account. Open an offshore account and park the excess above three months salary there.

Get the best rewards and deals from banks, like free golf, Airmiles, and shopping vouchers.

Only use your credit card and pay it off in full monthly, never pay minimum payments. Have I missed any?

Comment below if you have any more great ways to save us all money!

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